What are the blinking LEDs on my fretboard telling me?

It could a few things. First, it could be the guitar's low battery notification. If you have less than 20% battery level one or two LEDs will start blinking at the fifth fret on the low E side to warn you that you must charge the battery immediately if you want to keep using the guitar. 

Second, it could be the root notes blinking of your selected scale or a chord in the Chord & Scale section of Guitar Tunes. You can tap the "Blink Root Notes" switch to turn that feature on and off. 

Third, it could be the guitar's pairing pattern. The guitar will blink an open position E Major Chord when you press the guitar's on/off button once. Once the app is paired with the guitar, or 30 seconds have passed, the guitar will stop showing the blinking pairing pattern. 

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