How do I open Fretlight .fvp videos in the Fretlight Player software in Studio 5?

Simply double click on any of your Fretlight .fvp video files to launch them directly in the Fretlight Player.

You can also move your video files into the Fretlight Studio's "Fretlight Videos" folder, as this is the default location for the Player software to look in. Navigate to the following location and drag and drop or copy and paste the Fretlight video .fvp file into the Fretlight Studio's "Fretlight Videos" folder.

My Computer>C Drive>Program Files (x86)>Fretlight Studio>Fretlight Player>Fretlight Videos

To open your files from within the Video Player, without moving the files, please use the following instructions.

1. Double click on the Fretlight Studio shortcut on your desktop.

2. When the Fretlight Studio launches, click on “launch The Fretlight Player” to launch the Player.

3. The Video Player will default to look in the Studio's video folder location. To change locations click on the "C:\" to open a "Browse for Folder".

4. Navigate to your video's location or folder and click "OK". The "Fretlight Video Files" window will populate with all of the Fretlight videos in that folder or location and start playing automatically.

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