Tell me more about the FB-525 Bass.

The FB-525 gets big tone out of its single coil bridge pickup and classic "P" style neck humbucker. Controls include a 3-way pickup toggle switch, Master volume and Master tone. The Fretlight neck includes our patented Advanced Polymer Fretboard and the world's only built-in LED learning system.

The FB-525 is finished with chrome hardware including a fixed bridge and a two-way truss rod. Fully adjustable bridge saddles give you complete adjustability for a playing experience that can only be described as pure heaven. Don't forget, the Advanced Polymer Fretboard and Stratabond birch neck gives your tone a sustain that you've only dreamed about!

The high efficiency electronics produce the brightest and most consistent LED lights ever. Whether you're lighting a simple bass line, or a scale across the entire fretboard, the lights will maintain a consistent brightness. Additionally, the FB-525 has a Stratabond™ neck. Stratabond is a state-of-the-art engineered hardwood that yields uncommon strength and rigidity across ever changing environmental conditions. Perfect for guitar necks that are susceptible to expansion and contraction due to varying humidity levels. The Fretlight lighted guitar learning system allows a player to light-up songs, over five thousand chords and scale patterns, and riffs right on the neck of the Fretlight guitar. The Fretlight system connects to a PC or Mac and there are lessons, songs and interactive videos available which all light up the guitar. Stratabond™ is a Trademark of the Rutland Corporation.

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