I'm running Windows 7 or above and the latest version of Guitar Pro 6 crashes.

There can be a crashing issue with the 6.1.6 r11637 rev of Guitar Pro 6 for some users. To resolve this issue please complete the following steps to attain a new stable version.

Launch your Guitar Pro 6's updater, and if the 6.1.6 r11681 version is available, download it. If not, continue with the following steps.

Recommended: Turn off your UAC if you are using Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

UAC Instructions Page

1 - Uninstall Guitar Pro 6.

2 - Make sure to run your computer from an Administrator account.

3 - Make sure that your antivirus, firewall, proxy or router are all well configured to accept the Guitar Pro 6 installation.

4 - Download the following Guitar Pro 6 installer:


5 - Make sure you keep 6.1.6 rev 11681, or higher, installed. Do not revert back to, or before, the 6.1.6 rev 11637 version. 

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