How do I find free tab songs for Guitar Pro 6 or 7?

Finding Guitar Pro tab files on the internet can be a little confusing at first. Although you can Google the name of almost any song that exists, followed by “Guitar Pro Tab”, many tabs will be inaccurate and unusable. This is why we suggest only using tab hosting sites that have a song accuracy rating system. That is why we recommend using It is the largest user-created, free tab sites out there.

To find and download Guitar Pro 6 tab files start by searching for the song's name on Do a searching for "Back In Black" by AC/DC. Next, in the "Type Filter" area click on the blue “Guitar Pro Tabs” link to display only the Guitar Pro files. Be careful not to select or use paid for "Tab Pro" files. Pick the Guitar Pro type listing with the most stars and the most votes. Remember that the higher the number of stars and votes means it is more likely to be a more accurate version of the song. Click on the name of the song, scroll down past the "Tab Pro" promotional demo notation, and click the gray "Download Guitar Pro Tab" button towards the bottom middle of this page. Save the file to your computer and open it. It will automatically load itself into the Guitar Pro 6 Fretligth Ready or Guitar Pro 7 software. Hit play, and start rocking!

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