The lights have stopped scrolling up and down but are not lighting up when I run the software.

Please use the following connection guidelines.

1. Make sure that only one Fretlight program is running at a time.
2. Don’t have any other USB devices plugged into the computer at the same time as the Fretlight.
3. Try all of the USB ports on the computer. The USB ports on the back of a desktop computer are preferred.
4. Test another USB device on your computer to see if the port is creating the issue.
5. Make sure that you are not using a USB hub.
6. If your computer has an eSATA/USB combo use that connection.
7. If you are on a Mac, make sure that you have the Studio installed even if you only plan to use Guitar Pro 6.
8. Only use the 10ft cable with FG-500 guitars. The 20ft version incompatible.
9. Only use USB 2.0 ports when using Guitar Pro 6. 3.0 maybe incompatible.
10. Make sure that you are in "Tablature Mode" if you are only seeing lights when using the Studio and not while using Guitar Pro 6.
11. If you have the Fretlight footswitch plugged in, try clicking both switches as the footswitch may be set up to "Turn lights on/off".
12. Go into the preferences of the program you are using and make sure that all strings are turned on. Many of the software programs will have an option to turn all or certain strings off. Ensure all strings are turned on and try again.

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