How do I properly care for the Fretlight Guitar?

There are some standard guitar care practices that go for any guitar you own, and certainly apply to the Fretlight Guitar as well. Generally, you should always keep the guitar in a case when stored, and on a proper guitar stand when set down. Avoid setting the guitar in places that it could easily fall or be hit. (Y'know, common sense stuff)

Ideal Conditions for a guitar are most importantly concerned with humidity and temperature. Ideal humidity is 40-50%, and ideal temperature is 70-75F (21-24C).

Remember that the guitar is a wood instrument, and wood is highly effected by temperature and humidity. The most immediately noticeable effect that bad conditions have on guitars is that they quickly go out of tune. Consider buying a humidifier/dehumidier for your guitar, depending on the climate you live in.

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