Is the Fretlight just for beginners? Do you offer software for intermediate or advanced players?

While the Fretlight guitar is an amazing tool for beginner guitarists, the more skills and experience you bring to the Fretlight the better and quicker it can help you. Remember, the Fretlight is a tool that can quickly show you the exact finger locations for scales, chords, songs, lessons and arpeggios in any key and in any or all positions. Advanced guitarists don't need to know how to play, they really only need to be shown where to play. That's where the Fretlight really shines. You can break out into new styles, phrases and sounds nearly effortlessly and instantly.

We recommend checking out the included Fretlight Improviser software, it's a blast to play with and will quickly get you noodling in all kinds on new ways and styles. We also offer advanced video lessons for soloing with the Fretlight Video Player that will greatly expand your guitar palate.

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