I am having issues registering my Guitar Pro 6 software.

Uninstall Guitar Pro 6.

Download your OS's specific full version of Guitar Pro 6 from the following links.

PC: http://fretlight-file-server.s3.amazonaws.com/gp6-frt-win-r11621.exe

Mac: http://fretlight-file-server.s3.amazonaws.com/gp6-frt-mac-r11621.dmg

Linux: http://fretlight-file-server.s3.amazonaws.com/gp6-frt-linux-r11621.deb

Enter your license to unlock the program. 

Make sure:

  • The computer is connected to the internet.
  • All of your firewall, antivirus, malware, etc. type program are all disabled.
  • The license is being enter exactly as shown as it need to be exact and capitalization counts.  

Run the GP6's updater. 

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