I am using a Mac and the latest version of Guitar Pro 6 crashes.

NOTE: The new Rev 11681 will be released soon for Mac via its updater. Please launch your Guitar Pro's updater to check for it as it will resolve this crashing issue. (7/27/15)

There may be an issue with the 6.1.6 r11637 version of Guitar Pro 6. To resolve this issue please try the following steps to get a stable previous version.

1 - Uninstall Guitar Pro 6.

2 - Use the Guitar Pro Clean up tool to clean up your computer (depending on your OS):


3 - Make sure to run your computer as an administrator.

4 - Make sure that your antivirus, firewall, proxy or router is well configured to accept Guitar Pro 6 installation.

5 - Download the following appropriate Guitar Pro 6 installer:

Try this version first: http://fretlight-file-server.s3.amazonaws.com/1382563529-gp6-frt-mac-r11203.dmg

Then try this version if it is still not working: http://fretlight-file-server.s3.amazonaws.com/gp6-frt-mac-r11621.dmg

6 - Do not update the GP6 past the installed version above. You can download any and all other updates. You can update the GP6 program once it is past the 6.1.6 rev 11637 version.

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