How can I make custom scales or diagrams? Are there any cool things I can do with the Fretlight's LEDs for stage or for show?

You can make and light up your own custom scales, diagrams, and more with the FREE Fretboard Simulatorsoftware. You can light up a music spectrum using the FREE Fretboard Light Show software.

Download the FREE Fretboard Simulator and Light Show Bundle!

Check out our quick demo of the software HERE!

Check out the developer's demo video of the Fretboard Simulator software HERE!

Check out the developer's demo video of the Fretboard Light Show software HERE!

Compatible with Windows 7 and above. The Light Show software may not work with Windows 10. No Mac or wireless versions of either of these software titles are available or will be made. No support is offered for this software. These software titles are provided "as is".


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