Can I learn to play a specific song with my Fretlight guitar?

YES! We can teach you your favorite songs with our video lessons or with our optional Guitar Pro 6 software. The Fretlight Player will let you hear a real recording of the song, show you a video of it being played, and you will see it light up directly on the fretboard of your Fretlight guitar. The Player and Guitar Pro 6 are powerful learning tools that will allow you to create custom loops and slow down the song's tempo to maximize your learning ability.

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Our Guitar Pro 6 software is designed to create, edit and play tablature for guitar, bass, and other fretted instruments. It has a ton of features such as loop, play, slow down tempo, etc. The Fretlight Ready™ version lets you see those fingering positions light-up right on the Fretlight's fretboard. Learning a riff or song is now a snap. Best of all you can download thousands of user-created tab songs from many tablature websites and watch them all light-up your Fretlight guitar. Oh – you can even light the bass, keyboard and vocal parts of those songs on your Fretlight guitar for even more fun and learning.

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