I'm getting a virus, malware, or spyware warning during the download or installation of my Fretlight software or file.

If you are receiving an alert during the installation or download of any of our software titles or hosted files, please rest assured that it is a 100% false positive notification.

Our servers, where we host our installer files, have an automatic virus scan. 

We also have the software installed directly from our links on several different computers to bug and virus test. These are Macs 10.5-10.10 and Windows 7-10 and we use many kinds of configurations, including different virus protection programs, and no files or programs have come back with any virus warnings.

Our files and programs are download thousands times a day by customers all over the world all without issue.

The ccrptmr6.dll file that is distributed with our software is NOT Malware. It is a high-performance MS Windows timer library that was created several years ago by a group of respected developers called CCRP. This dll has been distributed for years in its original form within hundreds of software applications with no issues whatsoever.

We can assure you that there is no Malware, Spyware, or any type of "dangerous code" in any of our software.

This dll is a very basic timer library that can be compiled into any MS program. This is an unfortunate side effect of modern PC security, and is a typical cause for false-positive security alerts.

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