How do I restring my Fretlight guitar?

Check out this video:

Fretlight Restringing w/ Basic Setup

Or, complete these steps.

1. Using a string winder, or your hands, loosen the strings so that you can remove them from the tuning pegs.

2. With the strings free from the neck, cut the strings near the bridge to feed them through the slots. Sometimes it helps to remove the back plate to get the old strings out and the new ones in.

3. Now that the strings are removed, clean the fret board, or any spots that are covered by the strings normally.

4. Take the new strings out of the packet and begin threading them through the bridge to the top of guitar. Remember, if you are looking down at you guitar in the playing position, the low E or the “fattest” string, should be the string at the top. Strings should decrease in thickness so that the smallest string is at the bottom.

5. Now that the strings are in the bridge, run them up the neck one string at a time to the tuning peg that corresponds with that string. Insert the free end of the string into the hole in the tuning peg and mark with your fretting hand about 1” up from the tuning peg (that’s about the next tuning peg).

While holding the spot with your fretting hand, gently pull back towards the bridge until you fingers hit the peg and bend the excess string upwards.

Wrap the string coming up from the bridge over the excess you bent upwards and over the tuning, also making sure that when you tighten the string, it is on the inside of the tuning peg.

Once the string is over the peg and wrapped the right way, you can begin to tighten. When I tighten the strings, I hold them over the nut slot so I don’t cut a deeper groove than needed.

Cut the excess string off close to the tuning peg and repeat with the next string.

As the strings get smaller they need be tighter on the neck to play at pitch, so I like to have 2 wraps for my E and A strings, and 3-4 for my D and G strings, and 5-6 for my B and E strings. To achieve this, simply mark 1” past for 2 wraps, 1.5” past for 3-4 wraps, and 2” for 5-6 wraps.

6. That’s it! Tune to pitch and play your guitar.

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