What is included with my Fretlight guitar purchase?

Your Fretlight purchase includes the following items:

  • 10 ft. Fretlight USB cable (Y connection for the Fretlight Dual Footswitch)
  • *Your choice of beginner or intermediate interactive video lessons (as the teacher plays, the Fretlight lights up) see below.
  • Truss rod and bridge saddle wrenches
  • Guitar picks
  • Fretlight guitar software installation disk

Fretlight guitar software installation disk which includes:

  • Fretlight Studio™ 6 software (Your choice of the Beginner or Regular version) 
  • Fretlight Owner's Manual (.pdf format)
  • Fretlight QuickStart Guide (.pdf format)
  • Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready demo

The Fretlight Studio 6 software includes:

  • 120 plus stylized progressions to solo over
  • 5000 plus chord and scale patterns

The Fretlight Studio 6 for the Beginner software includes:

  • Hundreds of chord and scale patterns
The Beginner Software Pak includes:
The Intermediate/Adv Software Pak includes:
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